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You know you really shouldn’t chop off ten inches or dye your hair purple right before the big day, but did you know that dirty locks and leave-in conditioner are huge no-nos as well? Chances are, you didn’t. We hit up a bunch of bridal hairstylists to get the scoop on the not so obvious pre-wedding hair mistakes too many brides make. Be honest, are you guilty of any of the below?

1. Picking the wrong hair accessory…
For your style of dress, wedding and/or hairdo! The right accessory will glam up your whole look, while the wrong one can be gaudy, misplaced and ruin everything, says wedding beauty expert and founder of A Bridal Piece, Keka Heron. “Take the time to shop around, and consult with your stylist for the best piece for your desired look.”







Timeless Bridal Accessories from A Bridal Piece + Giveaway!

We’re excited to partner with A Bridal Piece today to showcase some of their romantic + classic accessories to make any stylish bride’s look complete. Founded by celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Keka Heron, A Bridal Piece specializes in providing timeless, romantic and glamorous hair accessories  for weddings and special occasions.  What we love is that A Bridal Piece has options for all style inspirations – bohemian, classic, modern, retro and New-age. As a natural hair gal myself, I also appreciate the versatility of each look as they can work with any hair type.

View the full article and information on the giveaway on the link below.


Marlo’s Closet


Check out out A Bridal Piece featured on Marlo’s Closet . Listen as the fashionista talks about how you can use the pieces to accessorize your look.

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I’m thankful for … Beauty experts share their favorite tips

Nov. 26, 2015 at 9:30 AM
Aly Walansky

by Taboola
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Thanksgiving gives us all a moment to reflect on what we’re most thankful for in life. It’s a wonderful time of year!

Of all the amazing things we’ve learned from earlier generations, it’s the little things (like beauty habits or favorite sayings) that remind us of their love daily. That’s why TODAY asked makeup and skin-care experts for the beauty lessons for which they are most grateful.


Keka Heron, celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist

“When people see me the first thing they compliment is my skin; you actually can’t tell my age by looking at my skin. They ask me, ‘how do you keep it looking this way?’ I say, it’s genetics and good habits. My mom always put an emphasis on moisturizing in the morning and at night and drinking plenty of water, especially with lemon, said Keka Heron, celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist. And her mother isn’t the only one beauty influence.

“When it comes to makeup application, I love cheeks. I just adore a flushed, dewy face. My grandma Valda never left the house without rouge (aka, blush) on her face. She always told me that your face is not complete without rouge and it has always stayed with me. Even now, as a 85-year-old she will not go to church without her blush,” Heron said.

Link To Story: http://www.today.com/style/beauty-lessons-experts-are-most-thankful-t58111

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10 Mistakes Brides Make When Planning A Big Wedding

Linda DiProperzio
October 22, 2015

A bride might feel that if she’s having a big wedding, her bridal look needs to be as extravagant as the wedding, says Keka Heron, founder of A Bridal Piece. “There is no need to go bigger or over-the-top in glam because it’s a big wedding. You can absolutely have a simple and chic look and still stand out.”




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11 Fall Wedding Trends That Are Out

Linda DiProperzio
September 15, 2015

Heavy Makeup


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